Terms for the use of Tvilo

The terms was last updated 19-12-2019.

1. Accept & registration

When you create a profile with Tvilo, you accept that we register the information, which you yourself add to the profile. Beside this, you also accept that we register your IP-address. These informations are kept and processed in confidentiality, and are never shared with any third party. If you wish to remove your acceptance of these terms, you must delete your Tvilo profile.

You (and your children's) informations are kept and processed by the rules of person sensitive data, and we process your data by the Danish laws of persondata.

We use cookies at Cookies is a textfile, that is sent to your browser from a web-server and is stored on your computers harddrive. You can setup your browser to inform you, when you receive a cookie. No personal data is stored in our cookie.

As registed with Tvilo ApS, you always have the right to object again the registration, and you have the right to know what information Tvilo has registered about you. You also have the right to get a copy of you data. This copy can be retreive using out mobile app.

When creating a profile, you accept to receive e-mails and push notificaitons from Tvilo, when there are changes to your profile. If you do not wish to receive these, you can unsubscribe from some of the communications categories in the app. You may also receive e-mail and notifications, with offers and news from us. If you do not wish to receive these, you can always unsubscribe from the in the app.

2. Profiles

By creating a Tvilo profile, you automatically start a 7 day trial period, in which you have full access to all of Tvilos online services. After expiration of the trial period, the access to the services are limited. Continued use of Tvilos services, will require a Tvilo Premium membership.

If you delete your profile, all data are erased from our systems within 48 hours.

If your profile is inactive for 6 months, we will delete it and any data belonging to it. A inactive profile, is a profile with no membership, that has not logged in.

3. Data security

All servers, used to store our users data, is placed in the Danish capital in a modern and secured Danish hosting center.

4. Disclaimer

Tvilo cannot be held responsible for losses, as an effect from the following:

5. Purchase agreement

These terms are applied, when you purchase a subscription or product at Tvilo ApS, cvr. 38191659, Torvet 15, 4600 Køge.

By accepting Tvilo terms of purchases, you can use Tvilo services on their mobile apps and, via Tvilo Premium membership and product packages.

You choose which Premium package or product you want, which is confirmed in the order confirmation, you will receive from Tvilo after a successfull purchase. The order confirmation, will also describe the price of your recurrent subscription.

6. Types of payment

Payment can be done by the following type of creditcards, or by using in-app payments: Dankort, Visa/Dankort or Mastercard.

All payment by creditcard, is done at, which is encrypted using SSL. The payment solution is approved by Nets, which means the payment solution has the maximum level of security for consumers. Data used to perform payments, is stored at the payment provider Quickpay (, which is an approoved by Nets as a payment provider.

Payment in the mobile apps, is performed using your Apple-ID or Google Play account, which are tied to the accont on your mobile phone.

All prices are shown in Danish kroner by the international ISO-designation and include tax.

7. Accept of subscription terms

By purchasing a running subscription, you accept that Tvilo can charge the agreed amount each subscription period, for the chosen product. When you purchase a Tvilo Premium subscription, we will renew it until you unsubscribe at My profile.

8. Cancelation of subscription

You can unsubscribe your subscription at any time. Unsunscribing does not affect the period of time left, in the subscription period allready active on your profile.

9. Cancellation

Tied to you subscription, is a right to cancellation within 14 days of the original purchase. You start the use of the product and subscription, at the same time you complete the purchase. If you wish to use your right of cancelation, you need to inform Tvilo support your cancelation. Because you have agreed to term for a subscription, you only have right for cancelation at the start of the agreement and not during the running subscription period. Profiles, that has never been used, will be refunded compared to the time left in the purchased membership period. Profiles that has been used, will be refunded by the half of the purchased membership priode, to compensate for costs for the service.

10. Procedure at missed renweal

If your creditcard or mobile account is closed, or something else causes the renewal to fail, or you manually stop the subscription, we cannot apply membership to your profile, and you will loose your membership advantages. This means that you cannot add new data, and that access to existing data will be limited. This means, that within 6 months from failed payment, we will delete all data related to your profile. After deletion of data, the data cannot be restored.

11. Print products

By ordering custom print products, from or another of Tvilo's services, all return and cancellation rights, no longer apply. Products produces specifically by the customer wishes and look, cannot be returned, and the order and payment is final, at the time Tvilo received the order.

The final print product, order from or another of Tvilo's services, can deviate marginnally in color, size and layout from the example shown while ordering, because a digital representation of print products, cannot reproduce the actual product 100%.

12. Present memberships

When purchasing present memberships, the membership is treated as a single purchase, and the membership will not automatically be renewed. Coupon codes received as a gift, must be redeemed within 12 months after the code is received. After 12 months the code is cennot be redemmed.

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