Terms for communication

The terms was last updated 05-03-2018.

1. Agreement of communikation

By marking the field "I accept Tvilo’s terms for communication" in Tvilo’s mobile app or on, you accept, to receive communication (e-mails and messages in the mobile app and on from Tvilo Aps (”Tvilo”). It is required to accept this, to be able to create a Tvilo profile.

2. Sender

Tvilo ApS is the sender of all communication, you receive as the owner of a Tvilo profile. Tvilo ApS, CVR-nr. 38 19 16 59, Torvet 15, Forhuset, 4600 Køge, telefon 70 70 50 03, e-mail

Contact information

Your contact information (e-mailaddress and possible phonenumber) is stored and only used by Tvilo. Contact information is not shared with any third party. Your contact and personal information, is processed under Tvilos terms of personaldate, which also requires to be accepted before creating a Tvilo profile.

An active and valid e-mail address is required for communication, and for creating a Tvilo profile. It is the owner of the profiles responsibility, to maintain a valid and functioning e-mailaddress, used for communication with Tvilo. An e-mailaddress is deemed not working, when sending e-mails has failed a minimum of 5 times, within a period of 90 dage. Profiles not maintaining a working e-mail address, will be deactivated, and deleted after a period of 90 days from the last failed delivery of e-mail.

4. Categories of communication

By creating a using a Tvilo profile, accepting Tvilos terms of communication and using Tvilo's mobile app and, Tvilo will contact the profile owner in the following categories of communication, where some categories can be unsubscribed.

System notifications

Notifications relate to security updates, and other important information about Tvilo's systems, and is required to maintain a secure use of a Tvilo profile, and it is therefor not possible to unsubscribe from these notifications.

Profile notifications

Notifications related profile, and profile-data and personal data, is required to use a Tvilo profile, and it is not possible to unsubscribe from these notifications.

Content notifications

Notificaitons related to content created for owned children, cannot be unsubscribed because of the ownership of the child's profile. The frequency and delivery of these notifications, can be adjusted by the profile owner.

Notifications related to content created for children a profile is following, can be unsubscribed at any time. The frequency and delivery of these notifications, can be adjusted by the profile owner.

5. Unsubscribing to communication

By item 4., it is not possible to unsubscribe from communication from Tvilo, related to the Tvilo profile. If you do not wish to receive profile related notifications, which are required to use a Tvilo profile and use the website, Tvilo will no longer be able to offer you access to Tvilo's mobile apps, or any other of Tvilo’s services. Your profile, and profiles for children your are the sole owner of, will in this case be deleted.

The frequency and delivery of specific notification categories, can by item 4. be unsubscribed and adjusted.

If you wish to have the contact information, which Tvilo has registered about you deleted, you must contact Tvilo at

6. Complaints

You can submit a complaint to the Danish office of consumers, which can be contacted at Forbrugerombudsmanden, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby,

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